😂 automeme

Automeme generates memes and serves them over HTTP in a human-friendly way. URLs are designed to be easily type-able to predictably generate the desired image, and then fetched by e.g. a chatroom's link preview service.

To get an image with the default text, simply fetch the image by template name from /{template-name}. For instance, you can get the surprised pikachu meme from /pikachu or the "Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?" meme from /weatherboy.

If you want to edit the text of a meme, or add text to a meme with no default text, you can use the /f or /s options. The /f option allows you to overwrite the text of a meme to your own, like adding "mfw code doesn't compile" to the surprised pikachu template. To do this, take the default image path like /pikachu and add /f/{your-text} to make /pikachu/f/mfw-code-doesn't-compile. The /s option replaces existing text in the template to your own with the pattern /s/{old-text}/{new-text}, allowing you to quickly turn "Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?" into "Wouldn't you like to know, type checker?" For memes with multiple fields, use | to move to the next field. Spaces are substituted from both - and _.

You can find the source for this project at https://github.com/wasabipesto/automeme.